Anima, Dogliani DOCG 50 Anniversario

Dogliani DOCG Anima 50th Anniversary

Before being a Dogliani DOCG, ANIMA 50 is a story.

It is the story of 50 years of passion and dedication to the world of wine, rooted in the care of the land and the selection of the vineyards, entirely featured in this Limited Edition.

It is the result of a family vocation, where each member takes pride in doing their part to make the tasting experience unforgettable and representative of the soul of Del Tufo.

ANIMA 50 is a product that lasts over time, which encapsulates the first 50 years of our company.

That is why we are especially proud to share this batch of only 6,000 bottles with all fans: it is a thank you to those who have been following us since the beginning and a welcome to those who have just chosen to get to know us.

Also available in a 3-liter double magnum version.

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