In Dogliani, Del Tufo has been producing high quality Piedmontese wines since 1968.
Passion for good wine is not limited to production, but above all it translates into love for the land.


The price displayed is for consumption with table service.
In case of take-away purchase, please consult the current price list.

Red Wines

Dogliani DOCG Sorì Tunin

Dry red wine made from the grapes of our youngest vineyards.

Due Ceppi Rosso

Meal wine par excellence, thanks to its good body combined with not too high alcohol content.

Dogliani DOCG Spina

Dry red wine made from a careful selection of the best Dolcetto grapes harvested from our longest-lived vineyards.

€17.00 – year 2020
€23.00 – year 2013

Dogliani DOCG Passola

Dry red wine made from our best Dolcetto grapes grown in Dogliani.

Aged for 18 months in large barrels.

€23.00 – year 2015


A structured red wine made from the vinification of two different Del Tufo grapes.
Maturation in wooden barrels gives it an intense and distinctive aroma.

Dogliani DOCG Anima 50th Anniversary

Special edition for the company’s 50th anniversary.
Made from a selection of the best Dogliani DOCG grapes from the oldest vineyards.


Dry red wine with an intense aroma and flavor, ideal for accompanying richly flavored dishes.

White and Rosé Wines

Due Ceppi Bianco

Cool white wine,
light and fragrant.

Langhe Chardonnay DOC

Canapino is a dry white wine made from Del Tufo’s Chardonnay grapes.


Sparkling white wine, ideal for a summer aperitif or as an accompaniment to a meal.

Fior di Neve

The first red wine of the vintage, it is ideal for outdoor dining on hot summer days.

Moscato d’Asti DOCG

Lively and elegant, it is perfect to accompany dry pastries and generally all desserts and baked goods.


Vino Chinato

Chinato is made by adding a blend of ten spices with particular taste and aromaticity to the already mature Dolcetto.

€ 3.00 per glass

Grappa Gocce Angeliche

Grappa Gocce Angeliche is Del Tufo’s grappa made from the distillation of fermented Dolcetto pomace.

€ 3.00 per glass

Grappa Diamante

Diamante is Del Tufo’s grappa made by distilling fresh pomace from grapes grown on the farm.

€ 3.00 per glass

Grappa Regina Claudia

Regina Claudia is Del Tufo’s grappa made from the distillation of Moscato grapes.

€ 3.00 per glass