Pleasantly nestled in the territory of Piedmont’s Langhe region, where people have always lived with the rhythms of the winemaking vocation, Del Tufo is a reality that develops around the shared pleasure of “making good wine.”
An area of 8 hectares at an altitude of about 400 m, capable of producing fine wines, among which Dogliani DOCG stands out, the true pride of the winery and of the family itself.


With us, the passion for good wine is not limited to the tasting experience, but above all translates into a love for the land. That is why, since 1985, we have chosen to pursue an organic project on our crops with rigor and enthusiasm.

At the center of our continuous research and of the skills that we have acquired over time there is the Total and unquestioning respect for nature in all its forms, which starts with the choice of vineyards and continues with the selection of production techniques, a vision that has led to the achievement of excellent results both nationally and internationally.


If in terms of territory the Langhe certainly need no introduction, as they have represented worldwide excellence since antiquity, it is instead important to contextualize the subzone in which Del Tufo’s vineyards come to life, that of Dogliani, more precisely of “Madonna delle Grazie”, which spreads all around the farm itself, at an elevation of about 400 m.
For Del Tufo, meticulous attention to the details of each step is fundamental and is based on very precise choices sedimented through our many years of experience, and which we are ready to share with you today.


We use only manure or “green manure,” a technique of burying selected grasses that accelerate soil fertility in a completely natural way.


We scrupulously follow vine by vine, with special attention to pruning and all cultivation operations, which we carry out manually to control vegetation and production, to safeguard the balance at all times.

Pesticide treatments

We choose only traditional products
(sulfur and bordolese paste),
in conjunction with algae
And extracts of medicinal plants.


There is a fundamental concept underlying all our actions, and that is balance.

The care we take in caring for the vineyards, the motivations behind our choices and the timing we observe are aimed at achieving vegetative harmony, which repays our efforts by returning to us grapes of consistently high quality.

Advantageous natural factors, such as exposure and a mild climate are capable of further enhancing this balance, but without enslaving it.This is how, after years of study, it is possible to achieve a full-bodied, elegant product suitable for medium to long aging even in unfavorable vintages.

Periodic Audits and Analytical Checks

carried out on the grapes at regular intervals help us identify the most propitious time to begin harvesting

Selection of the best bunches and berries

this is the process by which we begin to understand the quality level of the future wines we will send into production.

Harvesting, transportation, crushing and destemming

Within a very few hours, skilled hands pluck the grapes from the vine, place them in small baskets and carefully transport them to the winery, where they are crushed and de-stemmed, that is, divided into individual grains.

Must and Fermentation

Through grape crushing we obtain the must, which we place in small tanks to guide it through fermentation, strictly at a controlled temperature.


It is at this point that the organoleptic characteristics of individual wines appear and are enhanced.
Our winemaking aims to obtain productions characterized by great finesse, complexity and balance, with a marked character linked to the territory and a good attitude to maturation over time, preserving nuances, notes and colors of its vintage, indicators of genuineness and unparalleled value.


When the wine has reached its maturity, the time comes to bottle and refine it, to finally share its flavors and aromas with those who, like us, can’t wait to fully appreciate them.


It is now clear how, at the end of such a personalized process, each wine can only develop a unique and inimitable personality, with organoleptic specificities for true connoisseurs.

Our final task is understand when it has achieved the perfect flavor balance, and only then put it on the market, in a way that not only enhances the sensations on the palate of those who taste it to the fullest, but also makes it worthy of Increase awareness and culture around such a noble product as wine

At this point we just have to share with you the fruit of our labor!