The passion for good wine is not limited to the tasting experience, but translates above all into love for the territory .


In the heart of Piedmont, the Enolocanda Del Tufo farmhouse is located on the dominant Dogliani hill surrounded by its own vineyards.


The cuisine of Enolocanda Del Tufo is a selection of traditional Piedmontese flavors, in a welcoming, romantic and informal setting.


It all began with Antonio Del Tufo and his wife Agata who, in 1968, decided to bring a dream to life.

Since then, many events have followed one another, up to today, where what was initially the activity of an independent farmer has turned into a real company, which includes a winery, an enolocanda, a farmhouse and many others. services.

However, what has never changed over the years is Del Tufo’s family dimension .

Now the reins are in the hands of their son Bruno, who, always flanked by the experience of his parents and supported by his sisters, proudly carries forward a reality in constant search of innovation in method, but at the same time extremely respectful of the traditional values that have always characterized it.

Whether you choose to have lunch, taste or stay for the night, the experience you will have at Del Tufo is invaluable .

On top of a hill with a breathtaking view, and completely surrounded by vineyards capable of offering a different spectacle for each season , you will feel on the roof of the world, surrounded by a feeling of freedom and hospitality that is impossible to forget.

2022 Bagna Cauda Day

Bagna Cauda Day 2022 From 25/11/2022 to 04/12/2022

Fritto Misto alla Piemontese

Enolocanda Del Tufo's rich Piedmontese-style fritto misto 08/12/2022

Mixed Boiled Meat

Piedmontese mixed boiled meat with its traditional accompanying sauces

Christmas 2022

On 12/25/2022 celebrate Christmas with us at Enolocanda Del Tufo.

New Year’s Eve 2023

12/31/2022 celebrate the beginning of the year 2023 with us at Enolocanda Del Tufo