Address: Borgata Gombe 33. Dogliani (CN)    Phone: +39 0173 70692


Within the magnificent vineyard-garden of the Langhe, in the area of Dogliani, lies the Del Tufo winery estate, set in the verdant paradise of its encircling vineyards.

Its very air and earth convey an aptitude for viticulture, as does the distinctiveness of this place that for centuries has always yielded such superb products.

It is here in this history-laden land and on these sun-blest slopes that offer, through all the seasons, striking tableaux of nature, that Antonio Del Tufo with his wife Agata began his own agricultural labours.

This family-run enterprise comprises some 13 hectares, which have been farmed organically since 1985.

Since that year, the Del Tufo winery has rigorously applied organic farming practices, building up the expertise that still guides their efforts as they continue to refine their cultivation programme in order to raise quality levels still further.

Ect for the environment, that programme is built upon careful selection of vineyard sites, grape varieties, and cultivation practices, all of which have ensured the winery exceptional achievements in both the Italian and international arenas.