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Periodic monitoring of the ripening process, and concomitant technical analysis, allow the precise scheduling of the harvest.

Now a careful selection of the best clusters and individual grapes is made, for this will set the parameters for the quality of the subsequent wine which will satisfy the desires of the wine consumers.

Expert hands remove the clusters and place them in shallow boxes for careful transportation to the cellar, where they will undergo destemming-crushing just a few hours later.

The must will then go to small tanks for the initiation of fermentation at controlled temperature.

The overall vinification process is designed to produce wines of great finesse, complexity, and balance, wines that exhibit a marked distinctiveness reflective of their terroir and a good potential for ageing, and that even through the various nuances and different characteristics of successive growing years will nevertheless maintain their innate naturalness and unmatched quality.

The unique characteristics of each individual wine, the expression of a message entrusted by the grape, are not solely the result of expertise but the consequence as well of observing simple but ironclad rules that only those with dedication and passion can follow.

After the slow maturation of the wine in the tranquil countryside, amidst the luminous blue of the heavens and those deep emotions triggered only by the colours, the fragrances, and the murmurings of nature, the wine is bottled, and its wealth of aromas and flavours are subtly refined.

Each wine emerging from this process, with its own personality and its own sensory makeup waiting to be appreciated by true wine-lovers, will be released only at that very moment when all of its sensory elements coalesce into a harmony that will transmit to the wine-lover not only pleasurable sensations but culture itself.