Address: Borgata Gombe 33. Dogliani (CN)    Phone: +39 0173 70692


The Langhe is an area of hills superbly suited to the production of fine wines, the unmatched qualities of its land recognised and developed right from the earliest centuries.

The hillslopes provide the ideal terroir for carefully-selected premium varieties, inasmuch as their distinctive qualities develop only in such particular environments.

Here too are planted the Del Tufo estate vineyards, at an altitude of some 400 metres, all belonging to the Dogliani "Madonna delle Grazie" sub-zone.

Fertilisation is by means of manure or by mulching-in of the cover crop, a mixture of grasses formulated to increase soil fertility.

Anti-fungal treatments, however, are the traditional sprays of sulphur and of the Bordeaux mixture, enriched with algae and medicinal plants.

As for cultivation practices, every single vine is scrupulously attended to, and pruning and the other growing-season operations are carried out manually to ensure to each vine an optimal crop/canopy balance. The vine's fruit thus develops with the plant in total vegetative balance, and the resultant grapes are the best quality possible.

The effects of favourable natural factors such as vineyard aspect and climate are multiplied by the healthy growth of the vine, which even in less than optimal years can deliver top quality fruit by concentrating the vine's energy into the grapes, thus yielding full-bodied, elegant wines suitable for medium-long cellaring.