Address: Borgata Gombe 33. Dogliani (CN)    Phone: +39 0173 70692

The cuisine


The kitchen Enolocanda Del Tufo is a selection of traditional flavors of Piedmont where you can complete the experience of a holiday in the Langhe, in a cozy, romantic and informal.

The passion for the natural things of our cook Lidia takes us to provide our guests with tasty dishes in agreement with the seasonality of the products and their locally sourced passing directly from the producer to the consumer.
The wines are produced by ourselves including the classic trick of Dogliani, Chardonnay and a rosé wine that will surely bring joy to your table.

The restaurant with a barrel ceiling and exposed brick is composed of the bright main room with large windows that overlook the vineyards and the beautiful Alpine panorama spanning the plain of Cuneo.
In summer you can dine in a charming and panoramic terrace.

Breakfast is served from 08:30 until 10:00 and is made of jam, bread, honey, cakes and desserts prepared by the skilled hands of our chef.
Enriched with yoghurt, fresh fruit of our orchard, orange juice, abundant varieties of cereals and also for more continental salty.